i wanna do a online reminder where i can insert all the reminder details into a data base and then a window to pop-up when the time comes for the user to be reminded.<BR><BR>i came across this web page www.serverobjects.com/products.htm<BR>where i found this component called ASPExec<BR><BR>the problem is that i don`t understand the tutorial that they gave alongside with the component to download<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>this is the tutorial that they gave <BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Using the AT Command:<BR><BR>AT.EXE takes advantage of the Windows NT&#039;s scheduling service to schedule the execution of commands and tasks (with options to either execute them once or repetitively). The scheduling service must be running on the machine that will execute the scheduled task. Use the following syntax for executing the AT command:<BR><BR>AT [\computername] [id] [/delete] time [interactive] [/every: date[,…] ½ next; date[,…] "command"<BR><BR>To schedule your local machine to open Notepad at 11:00 PM tonight, you would use:<BR><BR> AT 23:00 Notepad.exe<BR><BR>The following code allows you to use ASPExec and the AT command to schedule commands in the NT scheduler service:<BR><BR>Note:<BR>This function assumes the existence of a table(tblScheduler) containing the following fields:<BR><BR>tblScheduler: <BR>Name Data Type Description <BR>sched_id int IDENTITY Unique ID for each task <BR>name varchar (50 ) NOT NULL Name by which you&#039;ll reference this task <BR>every varchar(15) NULL Days on which to execute the task ex: (M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su) <BR>next varchar(15) NULL Specifies the next day the command is to run <BR>time smalldatetime NOT NULL Time at which to execute the task ex:(12:00 AM) <BR>endtime smalldatetime NULL Time at which to end execution of the task <BR>interval smallint NULL Interval of time during which to run recurring tasks (in<BR>minutes); "0" means execute the command only once <BR>command varchar(255) NULL Command you wish to execute ex:("at.exe" or <BR>"NTBACKUP") <BR><BR><BR>Function fn_ScheduleEvent:<BR><BR>Option Explicit<BR><BR>Function fn_ScheduleEvent(Byref dbConn, nEventId)<BR>&#039;dbConn - a valid Connection Object<BR>&#039;nEventID - a valid Event_ID from tblScheduler<BR><BR> Dim strSql &#039; a string containing your SQL statement<BR> Dim RS &#039; a valid recordset object<BR> Dim objExec &#039; the ASPExec object<BR> Dim strApp &#039; a string used to parse and hold application variable before execution<BR> Dim nTotalMin &#039; a number used to hold variable which calculates and holds the interval values<BR> Dim nNumInt &#039; a number used to iterate through the command and determine the number of times<BR> &#039; for which to schedule it<BR> &#039; a number used as a counter<BR><BR> Set objExec = server.CreateObject("ASPExec.Execute")<BR> objExec.TimeOut = 600<BR> objExec.ShowWindow = false<BR><BR> strSql = "Select every, next, time, endtime, interval, command From tblScheduler Where sched_id = " & nEventId<BR> Set RS = dbConn.Execute(strSql)<BR><BR> If Not(RS.EOF) Then<BR><BR> If RS("interval") = 0 Then<BR> &#039;build a single application string<BR> strApp = "at.exe"<BR> strApp = strApp & " " & formatdatetime(RS("time"), 4)<BR><BR> If RS("every") &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> strApp = strApp & " /EVERY:" & RS("every")<BR> ElseIf rsmain("next") &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> strApp = strApp & " /NEXT:" & RS("next")<BR><BR> End If<BR><BR> strApp = strApp & " " & RS("command")<BR><BR> objExec.Application = strApp<BR> fn_ScheduleEvent = objExec.ExecuteDosApp<BR><BR> Else<BR> &#039;build and run the interval strings<BR><BR> If RS("endtime") &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> nTotalMin = DateDiff("n", RS("time"), RS("endtime"))<BR> Else<BR> nTotalMin = 1440<BR> End If<BR><BR> nNumInt = abs(nTotalMin / RS("interval"))<BR><BR> For x = 1 to nNumInt<BR> strApp = "at.exe"<BR> strApp = strApp & " " & formatdatetime(dateadd("n", (RS("interval") * x), RS("time")), 4)<BR><BR> If RS("every") &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> strApp = strApp & " /EVERY:" & RS("every")<BR> ElseIf rsmain("next") &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> strApp = strApp & " /NEXT:" & RS("next")<BR> End If<BR> strApp = strApp & " " & RS("command")<BR><BR> objExec.Application = strApp<BR> fn_ScheduleEvent = objExec.ExecuteDosApp<BR><BR> Next<BR><BR> End If<BR><BR>Else<BR><BR> fn_scheduleEvent = "EventId Does Not Exist"<BR><BR>End If<BR><BR>Set objExec = Nothing<BR><BR>End function<BR> <BR><BR>---------------------------------------------------------------<BR>my question is<BR>1.from where did they get their event id ...there is only schedule_id<BR>2.where do i call this function fn schedule event <BR>3.is there a more simpler way to this problem?<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>