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Thread: Save Word /Excel/Powerpoint Files As HTML using DL

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    Hello Friends,<BR><BR> I am here and facing a problem in converting a word/excel/ppt file into HTML file in an ActiveX Dll.<BR><BR>I know it is simple and possible... but the problem is that <BR>for eg. a word file not being converted with proper format..instead it shows some junk characters with normal text<BR>when I use SaveAs method of the Word object in Dll.<BR><BR>I want the format(bold/italic) to be maintained like when we do<BR>normal File-SaveAS-HTML from Microsoft Word.<BR><BR>I tried searching in MSDN but still searching only...<BR>I hope that i will get an immediate help response..<BR><BR>Regards..<BR><BR>Shreekant<BR>sh<BR>ICQ 60036877

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    I have the same problem, if you alreay got answer, would you mind to send me the solution also.<BR><BR><BR>April

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