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    swapna Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Netscape is not even supporting a simple method like form.submit (javascript) . Is this a real problem on netscape or am i going wrong somewhere?<BR>I have just written a function in script tag which has a single statement- formname.submit . In IE it is submitting properly but Netscape is giving a javascript error. If possible,please tell me what could the problem be because i am really stuck.<BR><BR>swapna

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    MikeD Guest

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    Netscape does support that functionallity. Remember that whenever you call a method of a object that you need the empty () - for example, frmName.submit() <BR><BR>I think IE will handle it okay if you only have frmName.submit - which could be the source of your problems<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Mike D.

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