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    I am using the split command to make a multiple page document system (see other thread)<BR><BR>and it is splitting the pages into the arrays based upon the spliter variable &#060;PAGEBREAK&#062;<BR><BR>What I need to know is can I use regular expressions in the spilt command, so I could split it for codes like:<BR><BR>&#060;PAGEBREAK&#062;<BR>&#060;PAGEBR EAK TITLE=title&#062;<BR><BR>etc etc <BR><BR>

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    No, you cannot use regular expressions in the Split() command.<BR><BR>If you want to use regular expressions, you must use the RegExp object.<BR><BR>You may be able to manually split the string by searching for "&#060;PAGEBREAK", and then the next "&#062;"....<BR><BR>Craig.

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