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    hii,<BR> <BR> Is there any advantage of using VBScript Classes in ASP instead of directly writing the code in ASP itself.<BR><BR>If i use classes,when i create an object for the class,is it possible to store the reference of the object and use it in other pages??<BR><BR>Pls reply me.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Bindu

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    Default Modularisation of code...

    The normal reasons for using classes apply, even in ASP:<BR>1) Easy to update<BR>2) Can be re-used<BR>etc<BR><BR>However, due to the nature of the &#039;web, it&#039;s not a good idea to store references to objects for use in other pages. It stops IIS from correctly multithreading your ASP application, and will cause the server great problems under high load.<BR><BR>Craig.

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