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Thread: Append TextFile on Server = Permission Denied

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    Default Append TextFile on Server = Permission Denied

    K, a bit rusty with the IIS + FileSystemObject stuff so I hope you guys can enlighten me, please.<BR><BR>OK, I am trying to make a user comment page that will allow a user to add a comment for a certain image and then that comment will be appended to the .Inc file that has all the previous comments, then on reload the page will draw the new comment in the proper place. I don&#039;t want to use a DB for this, keep it simple.<BR><BR>I think that once I get this working I may find that what I&#039;m trying to do is impossible since ASP will process the #include directive before the &#060;%%&#062; code, but I think I&#039;ll try anyways, I&#039;m bored. When I try to open the .Inc file for appending using OpenTextFile with 8 as the mode, I get this error:<BR>"Permission denied"<BR><BR>I have set the permissions for the folder that holds this file to "write" so I don&#039;t get it, what else could it be? If anyone has any ideas, I would like to hear them. Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>Steve

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    Default It really is permissions...

    Well, unless the text file is open someplace else, already?<BR><BR>But assuming that&#039;s not true, it really is some permissions setting, honest. No, I don&#039;t know which ones. Just be aware that you need to grant the permissions to the IUSR_xxxx user (where xxxx is your maching name, which is how ASP runs, by default).<BR><BR>Keep playing with permissions. It should work.<BR><BR>

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