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    When I try to send an email with CDONTS, it works but the attachment that I want to send with, isn&#039;t arriving in the exact format.<BR>My problem is that e.g. the word document (.doc) that I send, is arriving in my mailbox as a .txt file.<BR><BR>Your help is greatly appreciated. <BR><BR>

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    odd.<BR><BR>more details? code? what&#039;s the recieving POP server type? have you tried different recipients to isolate whether it&#039;s a POP/transmission issue? what about different mail clients? try sending it to a hotmail address and see what happens....<BR><BR>oih, and does your email gateway have virus scanning? perhaps it&#039;s mangling the document because of a macro-virus? could be any one of a number of things.<BR><BR>j<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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