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    Default Refreshing with frames problems

    I have a frames page with a navbar frame(intleft.asp) on the left and main frame(default to intindex.asp) for the rest. My issue is when a user changes main pages and then hits refresh, they are are taken back to intindex.asp no matter what page is loaded into the main frame. <BR>This is probably easy and already answered elsewhere on the board, so my apologies and thanks are in advance.<BR><BR>Michael

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    Default Actually, common problem...

    The only thing that I can think of is at the top of all your pages that go into the main frame put:<BR>Session("mainframe_url") = Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")<BR><BR>Then , in the fameset page do this:<BR>Dim sMainFrameURL<BR> sMainFrameURL = Session("mainframe_url")<BR> If Len(sMainFrameURL) = 0 Then sMainFrameURL = "intindex.asp"<BR><BR>In the &#060;frameset&#062; tag, instead of intindex.asp put in:<BR> &#060;%=sMainFrameURL %&#062;<BR><BR>That should work for you.<BR><BR>-Doug

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