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    I've seen lots of articles on how to access querys in Microsoft Access and I have no problem doing this. I can also access data using ODBC or OLD-DB happily. Does anyone know if you can access querys if the tables in MS Access are linked rather than local e.g. SQL Server DB Tables linked into Access using ODBC or OLE-DB. I know this sounds strange but it's the easiest way I can think to solve my problem.

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    Ther are 4 ways to access/manipulate data in an SQL DB from Access.<BR>You can use ODBC with linked tables.<BR>You can connect using DAO<BR>You can use SQL pass-through.<BR>You can use ODBCDirect.<BR><BR>The first method, ie linking an SQL Table into an Access DB, works quite well as does ODBC direct but takes a more complex route.<BR>Jet DAO connection uses a fair amount of overhead in the connection process.<BR>SQL pass-through as it suggests passes the SQL through Jet and ODBC without any checking or processing. It is fastest but also tricky as it has to be precise for the DB Server.<BR>ODBCDirect is a bit of a hybrid, it passes the SQL direct but with a thin wrapper around native ODBC function calls.<BR><BR>If that is all too confusing the simple answer is yes you can link an SQL DB table to Access and manipulate it with Queries. You can also use Transactions that roll back if the Query/Queries fail/s.

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