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    How can I sort html links in an asp file. I have an asp file that posts several files daily on an Intranet site. However, the links are not sorted. We want to sort the links by date created, but we do not want to use a table or database. <BR>Can this be done? <BR>Thanks <BR>Susy

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    Default Disconnected Recordset is easiest

    You could enter the links into a disconnected recordset and then order the recordset.<BR><BR>It&#039;s like building a database in memory (ok, stop the flames - I know it&#039;s not like that, but you could conceptualise it like that), and then doing a query on the database.<BR><BR>There are some articles on<BR><BR>If this sounds too much like a database, you could enter the information into an array and then do a bubble-sort on the contents. Again, there&#039;s an article on<BR><BR>Craig.

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