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    Hello,<BR><BR>Bored developer seeks project to do in spare time. Based in Yorkshire, England. Experienced in ASP, SQL, Access, bit of Javascript, E-commerce, secure ordering facilities, shopping carts etc... Set contracts or profit shares welcome.<BR><BR>Please post a reply if intereasted

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    Sir,<BR> <BR>I saw your advertisement offering your ASP services in the ASP message board.<BR> <BR>I give seminars for a living. I need a simple script written to allow visitors to my website to search a list of upcoming seminars, and from the list to link to other webpages.<BR> <BR>My visitors are not sophisticated enough to do SQL searches, so I have to make it very simple for them.<BR> <BR>Here&#039;s what I want the script to do:<BR> <BR>1. Read a one table Access database file that has been uploaded into the main website folder.<BR> <BR> a) The database will have the following fields:<BR> <BR> i. Category Text field<BR> ii. Date Text Field (or date field?)<BR> iii. Title Text Field (hyper link)<BR> iv. Hours Text Field<BR> v. Sponsor Text Field<BR> vi. Venue Text Field<BR> vii. Location Text Field<BR> viii. City Text Field (not visible, used to filter list)<BR> ix. County Text Field (not visible, used to filter list)<BR> <BR>2. Filter the list by one of two pull down lists:<BR> <BR> a) City<BR> b) County<BR> <BR> These pulldown lists can be populated by:<BR> <BR> a) The entries in the records, OR<BR> b) Hard coded into the script, OR<BR> c) Read as a separate table in the file.<BR> <BR> Whichever is easiest.<BR> <BR>3. Sort the list by selecting on any one of the column headers (field names), although the list must always be sub-sorted by the date field.<BR> <BR>4. I can handle the HTML formatting to customize the presentation of the table.<BR> <BR>5. I expect to keep the actual database in Access and upload it as revisions are made.<BR> <BR>That&#039;s it. The requirements are notable for what they don&#039;t need: password protection, members or administrators, add/edit/delete functions in the webpage, individual record views, etc.<BR> <BR>I&#039;ve reviewed a number of available scripts, but they are far to complex for what I need, and I don&#039;t have the ASP experience (or the time to learn) to modify them for what I need.<BR> <BR>I hire programmers all the time to write the software programs that I sell to my customers, but my current contractors are strictly VB and C++ guys with no ASP, PERL or HTML experience. This has not been a problem because I write all the webpages, but I don&#039;t have the time to learn and experiment with ASP until I get it right.<BR> <BR>If you are interested in this relatively small project, please contact me at<BR> <BR>Thanks,<BR> <BR>Jackson Bond, President<BR>PowerTools Software, Inc.

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