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    Dan Heskett Guest

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    I am having a problem with a quite new IIS 4.0 server. I have ASP code that utilizes a OBDC connection to an Access 97 database. The script works fine right after the server has been reset, but after a few times using the scripts (its for a guestbook application) the application stops responding, does not continue to run at all, and the server requires a restart to get the script to work again. The code works flawlessly again-and-again on a PWS 4.0 server on a Win98 box. Any suggestions?

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    Alex K. Guest

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    IIS and Access together can be a potentially painful pair. Make sure your IUSR_machine account has privileges in the directory where your Access database is -- this is a common problem.<BR><BR>I found out how to get rid of nearly all problems related to privileges using ODBC -- I use OLE now. OLE drivers are a level above ODBC in terms of generality and are supposed to, one day, take over ODBCs&#039 place. I can&#039t remember off the top of my head how to install an OLE string but it has a broadly similar layout to the ODBC connect string. Try going to a temp directory, right click and select "Data Link" and after filling in all your information you&#039ll get all the connect string details in the last box -- that&#039s why I can never remember it off the top of my head -- too lazy to!!<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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    Sounds like this could be a memory leak - Access is notorious for crashing your ASP if you not very careful about cleaning up your ADO objects. Make sure you explicitly close and dispose of all recordsets and connections - there are a few articles on 4Guys about this.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Dunc

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