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    yuan Guest

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    If I get many records from a customer component and want to display one record one page, how can I do it?

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    Gary Van Sluis Guest

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    Hmm. that is kinda tricy...If the data is not updated that often then it might be an option to have the recordset sorted (say ascending or something) then working with an index number passing back and forth between pages, do a moveto and the index number. <BR><BR>You could also save the recordset with a dynamic name to be used by that user only so they would have that one recordset to move around though but the purpose for this would have to be something non-critical. <BR><BR>I would strongly advise against passing that recordset around. pages ( to much performance draw )<BR><BR>I would talk to the component vendor and see if they can guantee a sorted recordset or an ordered by say primary Key..and have the component accept a parameter ( interger ) so you could call the recordset and specify which specific record you want.<BR><BR>All in all If you are just receiving a recordset and not sure what is in it or how it is ordered, I would talk to the component vendor and ask them more specifics.<BR><BR>Hope that helps.<BR>Gary

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    yuan Guest

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    Dear Friend:<BR><BR>Thank you for your response to my question . Your suggestion is fine if I retrive records from a database. You can use Recordset object when you read records from database and use recordset page property. My question is that I use a component and call its method then get question text and its responses text , for example,<BR> Q1) This is question 1 text.<BR> 1) this is first response.<BR> 2) this is second response.<BR> 3) this is third response. <BR><BR> Q2) This is question 2 text.<BR> 1) this is 1 response.<BR> 2) this is 2 response.<BR><BR> ..........<BR><BR><BR><BR>Nothing is related to the database. I need to display one question ant its responses per page. Can I still use rs.pagesize and other recordset properties to paging my web pages.<BR><BR><BR>Thank you.<BR><BR>

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