How costly is the FSO?

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Thread: How costly is the FSO?

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    Hello there. On my site, I try to keep track of the number of users, the number of groups, and the number of a few other things. These are all displayed on the home page of the site. So my question is this: should I keep track of these numbers by reading & writing to files, by using the Application collection, or by some other means? Currently, I don't think that I've got enough traffic to have it make a whole lot of difference. Of course I hope this isn't always the case. Any insight would be appreciated.

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    file system operations are pretty well optimised, but you'll start to have problems as traffic increases because there's no locking model. that's where a decent database will come into it's own - not on speed, but on consistency. App vars are pretty versatile, since they *do* have a locking model, but it'll slow your site incrementally.

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