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Thread: How do I send update E-mail postings to web-site u

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    Hi,<BR><BR>What I want to do is after somebody joins my site, I would like to send them a listing once a week of any new details they are interested in. I ask them for their email name and password to begin with when they sign on and they input a city name they are interested in. One week later they are to be posted an E-mail saying something like they are &#039;23&#039; new vancanies in your selected city &#039;Manchester&#039; this week.<BR><BR>These password details are stored in one access database say &#039;password.mdb&#039; and the vacancy details are stored in say &#039;vacancy.mdb&#039; each contain city fields, and the vacancy and password also have the user time stamp field e.g. when it was submitted.<BR><BR>Is there a way to do this, if so how would i do it. Do I use something like an asp script using the CDONTS or is there a script that I should look at elsewhere. Perhaps, a program. I don&#039;t know, please help!<BR><BR>Thanks again.<BR><BR>Mazza.

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    I built an application for a Client recently that:<BR><BR>1. Web Site where people registered. Data saved in an Access DB<BR>2. Client logs In to web page (with password) and initiates download. ASP gets new client details (formateed as XML) and emails client.<BR>3. CLient opens local database that imports details from email program (Outlook).<BR>4. Local DB bulk emails registered Users.<BR><BR>You could use CDONTs to email from the DB on th ISP. You would need to write some ASP code to initiate the email and you could not add content without uploading some data to the Web DB.<BR><BR>Doug

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