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    Hello! I will post this on 4Guys in the form of an article in the near future (sometime this weekend most likely), but thought I&#039d go ahead and share what I recently learned.<BR><BR>Stress tests at Microsoft during the past week have shown that the most efficient connection method you can use is a DSN-less connection. This is quicker than using a System DSN due to a registry read needed for System DSN connections. While you won&#039t see much of a difference in low volume sites, sites that have multiple, concurrent users might benefit from this information.<BR><BR>Have a great day!

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    Dude: Please tell me what kind of connection this is. I find it to be rock solid, but I have no idea what the different connection formats are all about. Thanks.<BR>&#060;%<BR>strConnection = "Provider=MSDataShape;DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=D:WWWRootmysite.comdatabasemydatabase .mdb;UID=;PWD="<BR>%&#062;

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    Default ** WE HAVE A NEW RECORD!!! ***

    Congratulations, you win the prize for having the longest time pass between the timestamp of the post you answered and your own post! <BR><BR>Over FOUR AND A HALF YEARS!<BR><BR>For your prize, you win a lovely bouquet of spam. Just post your email address and we&#039;ll make sure you get it.<BR><BR>*****<BR><BR>Yes, that is a DSN-less connection. I think it would have to be, since it&#039;s using data shaping, which I don&#039;t believe is available as a DSN.<BR><BR>HINT: Next time, just post a question, not an answer to a years-old and badly badly obsolete post.<BR><BR>

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