Hi,<BR><BR>What I want to do is after somebody joins my site, I would like to send them a listing once a week of any new details they are interested in. I ask them for their email name and password to begin with when they sign on and they input a city name they are interested in. One week later they are to be posted an E-mail saying something like they are &#039;23&#039; new vancanies in your selected city &#039;Manchester&#039; this week.<BR><BR>These password details are stored in one access database say &#039;password.mdb&#039; and the vacancy details are stored in say &#039;vacancy.mdb&#039; each contain city fields, and the vacancy and password also have the user time stamp field e.g. when it was submitted.<BR><BR>Is there a way to do this, if so how would i do it. Do I use something like an asp script using the CDONTS or is there a script that I should look at elsewhere. Perhaps, a program. I don&#039;t know, please help!<BR><BR>Thanks again.<BR><BR>Mazza.