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    Hi all,<BR><BR>hope u guys can help me on this one..really impt. I was required to developed a web page when clicked on a button will get the pc&#039;s cpu speed, ram and hard disk size. this will be run locally so i need a personal web server.<BR><BR>But coding wise I&#039;m a bit vague... i don&#039;t think vbscript can do it right?? pls advise..appreciate it..

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    Server or client? That is, the machine running the Web server or the machine where the button click is made.<BR><BR>In any case, no, VBS can&#039;t do it. You&#039;d need a component of some kind.<BR><BR>But if you need the client&#039;s info, you&#039;re out of luck unless you can convince your users to download and install that component on their machines. You wouldn&#039;t catch *me* doing that, for instance!<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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