Hi,<BR>Our web application works fine when used asynchronously. By that I mean when used normally. But when parallel requests are made for example to login, the memory usage goes up by about 400K.<BR>Inetino.exe uses 400K more - using Task Manager to monitor Memory usage.<BR>So when I use the Web Stress tool that simulates concurrent sessions, the memory usage goes up to as much as 200Mb when run for 50 concurrent connections for a period of 10 hours or so.<BR>Has anyone out there faced similar problems.<BR><BR>I brought down the leak to about 100 K by using the application.lock and application.unlock at the beginning and ending of the asp file as a test.<BR><BR>Environment is<BR>Delphi COM components.<BR>ASP<BR>IIS 4<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Ram<BR>