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    krishna Guest

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    Have any one one know how to display Excel spread sheets from <BR>ASP pages ? <BR><BR>Please let me know ASAP! Thanks

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    you need to choose the MS Excel 3.0 Object Library and reference the Excel Application,Workbook & Worksheet to variables in ASP.<BR>

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    or:<BR>1 Make a dsn to the Excel spreadsheet. The Excel ODBC driver should be loaded; if not, update your MDAC.<BR>2 To get info out:<BR>"select * from `Sheet1$` where Sheet1 is the name of the worksheet (not the file), you must add the dollar sign and enclose in the ` located left of the number 1 on a QWERTY keyboard. You can reference the columns ordinally or by reference if the worksheet has headers<BR>

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    Selvi Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>try this one. This displays excel files in browser.<BR><BR> http://asptoday.com/articles/19991011.htm<BR><BR>Selvi.<BR>

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