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    I have been working on a shopping cart that is open source, which I modified the table and field names in. no big deal I also changed the references in the asp pages(and double checked them)...OK so everything is in its place. the asp page generates a UPDATE statement and attempts to run the sql statement, but when it does it gets an error "Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal." So printed the SQL statement, looks PERFECT. So I tried to run it on my SQL server and it actually ran and it worked fine. So then I started looking at the connection stuff it all looks fine. Any one have any idea what the hell is causing this error? I have looked at it for 2 hours and have come to nothing...<BR><BR>your help is GREATLY appreciated!!!<BR>Jeremy

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    That error *usually* happens because of something you do *after* executing a SQL statement.<BR><BR>Are you *sure* it is being generated by execution of the SQL???<BR><BR>The fact that it work in SQL Server makes me suspicious on this score!<BR><BR>To be sure, put a RESPONSE.WRITE of any kind *immediately* after the point where you execute the SQL. See if you get the error after the output from that RESPONSE.WRITE.<BR><BR>In the meantime, *ALSO* follow Bill&#039;s mantra: DEBUG DEBUG DEBUG.<BR><BR>Response.Write your SQL statement and copy/paste the *actual* SQL here in the forum.<BR><BR>Finally, also copy/paste the line that is causing the error *AND* about 10 to 20 lines ahead of the point to here.<BR><BR>

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