Hi<BR><BR>I know this is not a server-side problem, but the javascript tutorial was not helpfull... Here is my problem:<BR>I have a web page that uses frames: one top, and one left, and the main page is in the center. I need to do this: When user scrolls the main page left-right, the top frame should scrooll left-right too, and when user scrolls up-down the left frame should scroll up-down too.<BR><BR>I know It can be done via JavaScript, I&#039;ve seen it somewhere... I found that scrolling via JScript is done with this statement:<BR><BR>document.scroll(x,y)<BR><BR>wher e x,y are coordinates. I found out also that you can catch the scroll event by putting the onScroll="some statemnts" in body tag. But, I don&#039;t know how to read the current scroll coordinates!!! I want to read it in onScroll event so I can determinate if is it a right-left or up-down scroll, and then depending on this information, do a scroll on a top or left frame.<BR><BR>Anyone can help me?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Goran