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    I have this problem with frames and IE 6. When I have two frames in my app. The top frame is pointing to one server (server1) and the bottom frame pointing to another server(server2). The session variables do not seem to store data properly on server2 asp&#039;s. The main frameset is one server1. Is this the cause of the problem ??<BR><BR>The problem does not arise with IE 5 ot 5.5 or Netscape.<BR><BR>Pls let me know if anyone has faced this problem and managed to resolvce it.

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    Well, for starters, they are different servers.<BR><BR>Session variables are referenced by the sessionID which is generated to be unique on the server. The odds of these 2 servers handing out the same sessionid is probably astronomical.<BR>And if you create a session variable on server1, you will not be able to reference it from server2.<BR><BR>Another option would be to pass the data you might ordinarily put in the session collection through forms.<BR><BR>In some cases, I&#039;ve created an artifical id, passed it around in the query string and stored user/visit specific information in a temporary records in a db accesable from both.<BR>

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