Second Try: ASP and print spooling???

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Thread: Second Try: ASP and print spooling???

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    Hello all...<BR><BR>Giving my ? a second try here...I&#039;m still stumped!!!<BR><BR>Finishing up on my current project, and something&#039;s come up. <BR><BR>When the user looks at a page called details.asp, it holds a screenful of text, a few .gif images and one .jpg = totalling 28 k in size. <BR><BR>Using IE5.5, they then ask to print that doc, and it spools the job to the printer BUT the size that it spools is above 200 MB. <BR><BR>??? <BR><BR>How can that happen? Two months ago when I wrote the code, it simply sent the doc to the printer (color Laser by QMT I think) at it&#039;s proper size....but now, it spools 200 MB ???? <BR><BR>Am I missing something here? Is this a settable item in IE that I&#039;ve missed? Hey the whole app and dbase run only 40 MB in why the 200 MB size??? <BR><BR><BR>Jim Rudnick<BR><BR>

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    It&#039;s probably nothing to do with your app. Its probably somthing to do with your printer settings and/or driver.<BR><BR>We had a similar problem with one of our printers converting excel spreadsheets into images, every time you printed somthing it generated huge image files before spooling them. In the end one of out IT bods got an updated driver and it fixed it. Try your printer manufacturers website.

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