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    I have been DTSing files out of SQL server for some time using Enterprise, but I have only had to do basic file DB structures.<BR><BR>I would like any help accomplishing the following task. I need to:<BR>1. Erase a basic text csv file before adding data.<BR>2. I need to pull all records out of a DB file that have the flag set to NULL.<BR>3. Those records go into the CSV file.<BR>4. I then need to set the Flag to sent with a date stamp.<BR><BR>I would appreciate it if someone could get me started on this task. I can write the queries and the DTS to do it all seperately, but I do not know how to do it all in one scheduled task.<BR><BR>Thank You,<BR>Kris

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    you should be able to include all of the queries in the stored procedure... <BR><BR>as far as writing to the csv, i have done something similar using the xp_cmdshell to do dos commands... ie creating, renaming, and deleting a file... <BR><BR>you can also use the xp_cmdshell to run the dts from a stored procedure... or task scheduler..<BR>sponge

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