Name:- Varsha Ramesh Mirchandani<BR>DATE OF BIRTH:- 11th April 1978<BR>TELEPHONE NO :- 8054460<BR>LINGUISTIC PROFICIENCY :- English, hindi, Marathi<BR>MARATIAL STATUS :- unmarried<BR>SEX :- Female<BR>COMPUTER PROFICIENCY :-<BR>Operating System: : Ms Dos ,Win95,Win98,Win NT,Unix<BR>Office Suite: Ms word, Ms Excel, Ms <BR> Powerpoint, Star Office<BR>Programming Skills: C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Asp<BR>Database Knowledge: Oracle8i, Sql Server 7.0, Ms <BR> Access, Sybase <BR>Design Skills: Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Corel Draw,<BR> HTML 4.0,Fireworks3.0, ,Paint <BR> Shop Pro, Animation Shop <BR> <BR>EDUCATION:, with Chemistry Honours.Diploma from National Institute of Information Technology.Certificate course in Java from National Institute of Information TechnologyCertificate course in Oracle & Visual Basic from Software Solutions ntegrated(Ssi)<BR><BR>EXPERIENCE:-1999–2001 <BR>Gammon Information Technology Limited - Mumbai System Assistant Was involved in designing of various parts of Intranet such as Designing of Company logo, Collection and Presentation of Information collected for various projects, Deciding the lookand enhancing the quality of photographs valuable in respect of tendersPlayed an vital role in designing of Internet Website of Gammon by deciding on projects to be put, collecting relevant information on selected projects involving meeting &discussions with variousCompany directors and also reading of various books. Bulleteins& journals ð Prepared Various systems such as Car Maintenance System, Purchase Transaction System, Accessory request & Order System,programmed certain areas in company’s intranet homepage using Asp and Ms Access.Knowledge of Troubleshootings involving installation of software, applications giving problems, knowledge of Hp printers.<BR><BR><BR><BR>PROJECTS:-ð Done Project on Automation of SuperMarket with Visual BasicAs Front End and SQL Server 7.0 as Back End.It involvedRecording & Maintaining Details regarding Customers, their personal as well as payment details, Products,their price,Reorder level, Quantity on Hand ,Transaction Details were some of the area care was taken on. Triggers were used to keep a check onReorder level and Quantity on Hand and necessary Updations wereCarried out.The Creditcard & Cheque records are also maintainedTo keep a track of payment modes of Customers as well theirPayment amount details to facilate the Credit system.Daily SalesReport are generated to keep a tab on profit & loss on daily basisBy comparing it with Prior day’s total sales. Invoice Details to the respective Vendors are maintained and reports of amount payments Are generated on regular basis. Amount paid by the Customer and Amount due to him are maintained and reportsare generated for the same ð Developed an project on Academic Report generation system with Visual Basic as frontend and Ms Access As backend .The Project involved recording and maintaining Student’s Personal, Academic and Examination Details. The system involved automatic Evaluation of marks and grade granting facility to reduce the manual Efforts. The performance of the students is maintained on whole Year basis and thus remarks are passed automatically while the Teacher is required to only enter the marks acquired by the student For the particular Exam. The details required to generate Leaving Certificate are also maintained with just a print command required To produce LC for the desired student. Records of the repeator Students are also maintained and their reports automatically generated And also separately generated from the Fresh batch without any Extra effort from the data entry operator. The backup facility for Each day’s work is also provided for good requiring not more than A click’s effort from the Operator.ð Developed a project on Video Library system with C++ as Frontend & Sybase as Backend. Customer,Library&Transaction Details can be thushus maintained and recorded automatically with Sales Report generated on daily basis <BR><BR><BR>SEMINARS —<BR>ð Conducted Seminar on the Rise of Microsoft Corporation from Ragsto Riches. It comprised of topics involving the Personalities responsible for the success of Microsoft, the Operating systems developed by the company & the various products launched by thecompany.ð Conducted seminar dicussing the Internet Data Transfer Process , Its Various advantages such as Internet telephony, Information Gateway, & Hypertext Markup Language, its very own programming tool <BR><BR><BR>E-MAIL<BR>Address:- A-201,’USHA’ JANAKALYAN NAGAR,MARVE ROAD,MALAD(W) MUMBAI-400 095<BR>