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    Default Frames or Tables?

    What would be an efficient way of constructing an ASP page? With Frames or with Tables?<BR><BR>Which one will facilitate fastest way of switching web contents?

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    Default Yes! Definitely!

    Frames *and* tables! No doubt about it.<BR><BR>Okay...sorry about the joking... But it&#039;s the right answer! Why can&#039;t you do *BOTH*??? You use one when it&#039;s appropriate and the other when it is.<BR><BR>I pieces of the page will stay the same while other parts change, use frames. Put the parts that change in their own frames. Put the parts that don&#039;t change in other frames. And use tables to organize space within the frames.<BR><BR>And if the entire page is going to change at the same time, use tables. <BR><BR>Sorry, but there is simply *NOT* a one-answer-fits-all-situations here.<BR><BR>Period.<BR><BR>

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