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    Whats the simplest way to bind data to a webform. Just to say... update customer contact information. I am using a namevaluecollection that has information but I think this way sucks. I was hoping I could do something like this. <BR><BR>form.datasource = SqlDataReader<BR>form.databind()<BR><BR>And then use container.dataitem. This seems less buggy and easier because I dont have to check for data that isnt there because databind takes care of it. I need something scalable so if I add more fields I wont need to sacrifice an arm and a leg.

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    You can&#039;t directly bind datasource to the webform.<BR>You could rather insert an object like datagrid or repeater.<BR>and set their datasource properties to the dataset value.<BR><BR>datagrid1.datasource=ds.tables("type ").defaultview.<BR>datagrid1.databind()<BR><BR>hop e this helps you.<BR><BR>soorya

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