An asp js cript function run by a COM?

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Thread: An asp js cript function run by a COM?

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    I&#039;ve developed an ASP application using a vbscript and a <BR>lot of javascript. However, i&#039;ve started to migrate some <BR>of my business logic to vb6 COM&#039;s. Key word there <BR>is "started" ...<BR><BR>How, pray tell, can i run a function that resides in an <BR>ASP (currently being displayed in my browser), but to <BR>activate the function from within my component?<BR><BR>I&#039;m able to do alerts in the browser, but i can&#039;t seem to <BR>properly reference any javascript functions.<BR><BR>For example, this works...<BR>oBrowser.alert ("nyc rules")<BR><BR>But, this does not work...<BR>oBrowser.CalculateTax(45)<BR><BR>Calcul ateTax(x) is my javascript function.<BR>&#039;x&#039; is the dollar (no pence) ammount to have a tax <BR>calculated.<BR><BR>Any ideas what i&#039;m doing wrong?<BR>

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    Hey Rob Adams,<BR>I am also facing sort off same situation.I also done a lot of javascripting and vbscripting.<BR>I also want to improve and want to shift to COM as far as possible.Can you help me how to go about ?<BR><BR>I dont know hot to start ? pl suggest me good web sites and books on that.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Rushi Shroff<BR>

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