I post a question yesterday:<BR><BR>"I am editing a ASP with frame. <BR>My problem is once user click on a button, say, to update the personal info, the code would redirect to other page by using Response.Redirect. However, since the page was divided by frameset. I would like the redirected page showed on the right side of the screen, instead of the top-right part of the screen (this is the part contains the button I clicked).<BR>Is there any way to do it?"<BR><BR>Somebody told me to use TARGET attribute of the button. But this doesn&#039t work. Maybe I did it wrongly. <BR>How to do so?<BR><BR>I saw somebody also ask the similar question about displaying in frameset after using Response.Redirect. However, there is no reply for those message. Is it impossible to do so?<BR><BR>Thanks anyone who can help.<BR>