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    I have written where a user is able to retrieve information by selecting certain date ranges. Such as this week, last week, yesterday last month. I am unable to get last week to work. It works if I am in the same year. For example, I am in 1/2/02 and I want to get last week information which will be 12/23/01 - 12/29/01. I don&#039;t get any information. This is white I have: <BR>DATEPART(WW,LOGONTIME)= DATEPART(WW,GETDATE())-1 and DATEPART(YY,LOGONTIME)= DATEPART(YY,GETDATE())<BR>Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default That's what you told it to do...

    Your problem is exactly what you have written.<BR><BR>You say:<BR>"I want records where:<BR>The week part of the time is the same as last week, AND<BR>The year part of the time is the same as THIS YEAR"<BR><BR>Change the last part of the query.<BR><BR>Craig.

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