Hello all...<BR>Finishing up on my current project, and something&#039;s come up.<BR><BR>When the user looks at a page called details.asp, it holds a screenful of text, a few .gif images and one .jpg = totalling 28 k in size. <BR><BR>Using IE5.5, they then ask to print that doc, and it spools the job to the printer BUT the size that it spools is above 200 MB.<BR><BR>???<BR><BR>How can that happen? Two months ago when I wrote the code, it simply sent the doc to the printer (color Laser by QMT I think) at it&#039;s proper size....but now, it spools 200 MB ????<BR><BR>Am I missing something here? Is this a settable item in IE that I&#039;ve missed? Hey the whole app and dbase run only 40 MB in total....so why the 200 MB size???<BR><BR>Jim