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    Margaret Widholm Guest

    Default meta refresh onload history.go

    Ok, I&#039ve been trying to get this to work onload:<BR>&#060;meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3;URL=javascript:history.go(-1)"><BR>Now, this works in explorer, but not in Netscape:( I&#039ve also tried history.back and that&#039s not working either... If anyone could help that&#039d be great- thank you.

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    Chris Willey Guest

    Default RE: meta refresh onload history.go

    Rather than use a meta tag, just use a Javascript function:<BR><BR>function goBack() {<BR>history.go(-1);<BR>}<BR><BR>Then call that function in the body onload event handler:<BR><BR>&#060;body onload="goBack()"><BR><BR>Seems like a weird thing to do, though ;-)

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