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    Default problem with virtual directory

    can any one suggest how to create a virtual directory and assign as default page,<BR>when i create this i am getting an error "u don&#039t have permission"<BR>help me please<BR>

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    Durairaj Avasi Karunakara Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Sridhar,<BR><BR>IF u want to Create a virtual directory in our PWS or IIS server then u have to point your ASP directory as virtual mapping<BR><BR>example :\DEAMAA01Inetpuboldwwwrootduraimyaspprg<BR> <BR><BR>and Assign Read and Script permissions to this virtual directory <BR><BR>If it is a authentication error then call ur admin and tell him loged in his id.<BR><BR>Then it will work no problem enjoy<BR>Whis u a very happy pongal<BR><BR>regards<BR><BR>

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