Hi,<BR>Lately my dev environment has been crashing for an unknown reason. Every once in awhile, my asp pages time out (while it is trying to perform some process.) If I then try to stop and start my services, www can not stop properly. Rebooting doesn&#039;t fix the problem. I have to reinstall IE5.5 sp2. After the reinstall everything works fine. (can stop start services etc.) I have narrowed the problem down (I think) to the fileSystemObject or at least scrun.dll - VB Scripting dll) I have COM objects that use the fso object with no problems but after compiling an object my ASP pages crash - or someother unknown event. Nothing has changed in my environment lately except for updating IE with the latest cumulative service patch(dec release - Q313675) Has anyone experienced any problems similiar to this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.