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    Hey all-<BR>I&#039;m working on an asp page that displays a list of records with data culled from many tables. The DB is an access DB. If I use the query "Select * From Probrec", it pulls the data fine for the page. However, when I try to add some JOINs in using this query :<BR>"SELECT DISTINCTROW [Probrec].[KeyID], [Probrec].[Topic], [Probrec].[ReportedBy], [Probrec].[ReportedDate], [Agency].[AgencyName], [Category].[Category], [Pri].[PriDesc], [Status].[Status]<BR>FROM Status INNER JOIN (Pri INNER JOIN (Category INNER JOIN (Agency INNER JOIN Probrec ON [Agency].[AgencyID] =[Probrec].[AgencyID]) ON [Category].[CategoryID]<BR>=[Probrec].[CategoryID]) ON [Pri].[PriID] =[Probrec].[PriorityID]) ON [Status].[StatusID] =[Probrec].[StatusID]" <BR><BR>It doesn&#039;t work in asp, but works great in Access. Any Ideas why this might be?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    What is the error you are getting?<BR><BR>-Doug

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