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Thread: INSERT INTO multiple tables.

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    Default INSERT INTO multiple tables.

    Hi<BR>I have MS Access database with five tables.<BR>I’m wondering how to make a SQL-script where is INSERT INTO multiple tables.<BR><BR>I tried:<BR>SQLLause= = “ INSERT INTO table1(field1, field2,...field6) AND table2(field1, field2, ...field6) “<BR><BR>- but I’m getting syntax error.<BR><BR>Is it possible to use INSERT INTO and AND in the same SQL-script, or how can I make it?

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    Default Multiple inserts, each to one table <eom>


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    Default Inserting

    I have never done a multiple table insert. I checked the Access syntax for Insert and there is no AND option.... You may need to split the process into 5 steps instead. Is there a reason you need to do the insert all at once?

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