I am currently considering using a combination of rds and xmlhttp to create a data entry application.<BR><BR>The application will work something like this:<BR><BR>1)A client page will contain an rds dso which will be supplied with db data by an asp page that generates an xml recordset using the ADO save method.<BR><BR>2)Once the updates have been made to the xml document (it will be updated via data bound html elements and rds functions), it will be posted back to a second asp page (via xmlhttp) which will reconnect the recordset to a database and call the updatebatch method.<BR><BR>My question is not if this can be done (I have already done it, and it seems to work well), it is if this is a "good" solution and if there are any drawbacks to this approach. One of my concerns is a statement contained in the ADO documentation saying that the RDS technology is being depracated and may not be available in future versions of ADO.<BR><BR>I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on this approach.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!