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Thread: Convert coldfusion to asp?

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    I&#039;ve seen here and there products or methods to convert ASP to Coldfusion. I am curious if anyone here has seen or heard of the reverse? I have a new product I am trying to work with and all the sample help only explains how to do it in Coldfusion code. All the samples are Coldfusion and I pretty much don&#039;t feel like learning coldfusion so I can write this in ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    Cold Fusion is way basic and if you already know ASP you shouldn&#039;t have any problem looking at the cold fusion files and figuring out what&#039;s really going on. I started web programming in cold fusion then made the jump to asp... so speaking from experience I think this shouldn&#039;t be a problem for you.<BR><BR>

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