Automating Sending Data Repeatdly through Form

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Thread: Automating Sending Data Repeatdly through Form

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    Default Automating Sending Data Repeatdly through Form

    I Have A Issue That is, I Have To Submit 4,000 records To A webserver which does not Allow Me to Upload The File Through Bulk Upload and Does not Capture Data from My Database On My Server, It&#039;s Like Yahoo! Or **** Store(**** HAs A Software Mister Lister for This Purpose). I Have To Fill web forms for Each Item And I can&#039;t Do That for 4000 Item Plus All the Time It takes to respond back.<BR>Is Their A Utility That Would allow me to specify the form field value and to it and The database Where my Data is Placed then If A Start The Process It Will One by One submit The Form With Any Human Interaction REducing Time And Effort <BR>(U Can See tha Agony Of My Situation Imagine 60,000 Records In 4 Months)<BR><BR><BR>Please repley ASAP, Will be Greatful.

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    Create a database table in your computer (maybe in the same structure that you are going to use in your server&#039;s database), then use a client side program in Javascript or vbscript, in a page with two frames, one frame with the program and the other frame with the fields. Create an asp page which receives those form values and passthem to the database. ,the program should reads from the computer&#039;s database and fill the form fields with the values of the records one by one. The asp page should return the same form fields page and a script sentence which say the programs frame to continue with the next record. To do this put a textbox in the program&#039;s frame which has the value of "getrecord", in the program put a setTimeout which check the value of the textbox every lets say 10 seconds, if the value of the textbox is "getrecord" then proceed to get the next record if it is something else wait. At the end of passing the values to the other frame&#039;s fields change the value of this textbox to something else, the other page with the script sentence should change the texbox again to "getrecord". I wasnt very clear, but it can gave you an idea. This could be done very quickly, the database on your computer could takes time. Tell me if you figure out what I write here. :) I didnt think in any other way to do it where your program can know when proceed to the next record. (well opening new windows, but this could be a mess, and I dont know if the page still being able to control his parent window after sending the information. pp. read about comunicating between frames. (I need to take english classes, eh)

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    Default Couple of options...

    You could check out the WebBrowser control&#039;s ability to access to the document object model of a web page. Just write a quick little VB app to do it. <BR><BR>Or<BR><BR>You could use the XMLHttp object to post the data just as a form would. Check these out for more info:<BR><BR><BR>

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