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    I have just set up windows 2000 IIS on my computer. Unfortunetly, when I have an error in a particular script, the line number and error is given to me, nothing else. In the past, working with asp has shown me the entire page up until the error. I would prefer this. How can I change this setting?<BR>thanks

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    If you get a VBScript *compile* error, then ASP doesn&#039;t even *start* processing the page, and so you see no HTML in the page other than the error message.<BR><BR>If you get a *RUNTIME* error, then ASP asks as you describe: The page *runs* to the point of the error and *then* you get the error.<BR><BR>Check to see if the problem you are describing is a *compile* error (it will say so, as part of the error message). If it is, it is acting normally and correctly.<BR><BR>

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