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    now i create one asp page in that page i give one link to another page in that link i mentioned.<BR><BR>http://localhost/BCCuser/customer.asp<BR><BR>suppose i uploaded in internet how can i mentioned that link.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>g.venkatesh<BR><BR>

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    Default You can't, really....

    Let me get this right.<BR><BR>If you currently type "http://localhost/BCCuser/customer.asp" into your browser, you get a page back. You want to upload a web page to the Internet which has a link to this document, correct?<BR><BR>Well, the bad news is that you cannot. "localhost" is simply a different way of saying "connect to my local computer". The reason this is so good is that you do not need to know either the computer name, nor the IP of the computer to easily view your own pages. If you put that link up, anyone who clicks it will try and connect to their OWN LOCAL COMPUTER to view the document!<BR><BR>However, bearing this in mind, creating a link to the document is going to be a problem. For this to happen, you&#039;re going to need either a static IP, or some server space to upload to. If you want to host it from home, you&#039;re also talking about having a fast connection, too.<BR><BR>Basically, you&#039;re going to have to set your computer up as a web server, and this will mean opening up all the security holes associated with it.<BR><BR>Trust me, get some web space from a cheap hosting solution and upload there - you&#039;ll solve a LOT of headaches. If this is an intranet, you could always use the computer name instead of "localhost" - that should work.<BR><BR>Craig.

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