I&#039;m having a little trouble.. <BR><BR>I have an asp page contains a field allowing user to enter employee ids. If they do not know the if there is a link, which calls another page and allows person to search foor an id by name. At the moment the user can select multiple ids from this search via checkboxes. I want to store the ids of the people they collect in a cookie using javascript. Therefore the user can click on the link, select multiple people and this will in turn populate the cookie and the child window will close, and it diverts back to the calling page wherein I want to print the contents of the cookie. On the called pagei.e. the search page, the contents of the cookie prints out when I test it, however when this window closes and I try to print the contents now back in the calling page, it tells me there is no contents, yet the cookie exists on my machine when I check the cookie folder on my harddrive. Any ideas...Sorry if this is confusing <BR><BR><BR>Please note:<BR><BR>if I set up the cookie on the calling page it will recognise it when I refresh, but if I set the cookie up on the called page and then close this and refresh the calling page it will not recognise the cookie!!????