Hey All,<BR><BR> I have been using HomeSite to code my HTML Files for years. I have recently starting coding in ASP and JavaScript to create more dynamic and interactive pages. I have heard a lot of hype about InterDev 6.0 and finally got my grubby hands on a copy of this pricey software. I was excited to get an editor with more in-depth ASP support. <BR><BR> When I opened Interev and pulled up and ASP file of mine, and the color coding seemed to be a lot like HomeSite with an ASP file before I saved it as ASP. It didnt seem to break apart the ASP from the HTML, or the JavaScript. The TOOLBOX didnt seem to have very many ASP related "qwikbuttons" as I am used to in homesite. <BR><BR> I guess what I am asking is there some set-up feature that I need to run thru, or something that I am missing? InterDev just doesnt seem to be as Coding and ASP friendly as HomeSite, and that just doesnt seem right to me.<BR><BR>Tom -<BR><BR>