I&#039;ve opened my connection to my database hosted on an NT server, I assume that there is a connection because I never got an error and it checks the databse for duplicate usernames but it&#039;s not storing anything into it. I have no clue as to why, I&#039;ve tested the objects tosee if they really are objects and that&#039;s fine.<BR>It also doesn&#039;t go into the database unless there is already a record there.<BR>Here is some of my code that isn&#039;t working<BR><BR>session("username")=customer.userNa me<BR> rsUsers.addnew<BR> rsUsers("UserName")=customer.username<BR> rsUsers("Password")=customer.Password<BR> rsUsers("FirstName")=customer.CustomerName<BR> rsUsers("Email")=request.form("txtEmail")<BR> rsUsers("lastName")=request.form("txtLast")<BR> rsUsers.Update<BR> on error resume next<BR> strTable="CREATE TABLE " & userName & "("& _<BR> "policy number,question number,answer text"& _<BR> ");"<BR> set RsTable=dcnDB.Execute(strTable)<BR><BR>the customer.whatever methods have the correct values, I&#039;ve checked.<BR>Any input would greatly help, now, I&#039;m off to lunch<BR>Thanks in advance.