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    On the server that hosts my website, when I update a file with a new file using ftp, the browser still shows the old file. Even if I delete a file, the server shows the file that was there. ASPs work fine, but if you update them with FTP, the old ASP is shown. The only way to make a change is to create a whole new page and never link to it. New pages are shown, but I cannot update them with FTP. The wierd thing is that FTP downloads the new page, but the browser shows the old one. <BR><BR>Any ideas on what to tell my hosting company so they can fix this?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Edward<BR>

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    I did have similar problems with my previous ISP. The problem is usually caused by the ISP not clearing its "cache" on regular intervals. It may also be caused by you not clearing your cache. Hope this helps.<BR><BR>Maybe you could move over to another ISP. The one I&#039;m using is pretty good.<BR><BR>hope this helps.

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