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    Hello,<BR><BR> Qwik Question: How do I write out the result of this count.. see below, what do i put where " *****WhatDoIPutHere?***** " is?<BR><BR>strSQL= "select Count(*) from smcldeals where AdId = "&strAdId<BR> Set smclrs = smcldataconn.execute(strSQL)<BR> Response.Write *****WhatDoIPutHere?*****

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    &#039;Wite the query as <BR>strSQL= "select Count(*) AS Reccnt from smcldeals where AdId = "&strAdId<BR>Set smclrs = smcldataconn.execute(strSQL)<BR>&#039;And then here<BR>Response.Write smclrs.fields("Reccnt")

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