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Thread: Effect of Sharing Drive on WebServer

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    I am a developer who has had to assume administration duties of IIS...I am running IIS5 on NT4.0 Sp5...At times the web and the LAN get VERY slow...<BR><BR>I have some major problems with the web in that many of the pages don&#039;t explicitly close recordset and close connections...<BR><BR>At least two drives are shared over the network...Where the web lives is a shared directory...<BR><BR>I know what/why not to leave open rs/cn and am working to rectify that end of the spectrum...<BR><BR>Could someone tell me the effect of sharing the webservers drive(s)...As well as all workstations - 10 sharing part/all of their drives...<BR><BR>Also maybe some general hints/advice/book to educate myself on IIS administration...<BR><BR>Thanks in advance...<BR><BR>Howard

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    Default Well ...

    speaking only as someone who runs a web server that is shared out ...<BR>I havent incurred any performance hit ... though I have had the web server slow down when I dont close my RS&#039;s

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