I posted this problem last Dec. 13 and got this advice/instructions.<BR>However i couldn&#039;t make it work. i was busy with somethingelse, therefore, i need to repost this question:<BR>Can anybody please tell me why I can&#039;t make this work. <BR><BR>RE: refreshing MainFrame shows the default page no<BR>chrisN - 13 Dec - 01:25:06 PM<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>1. change the frameset page and all the frame pages from *.html to *.asp<BR><BR>2. on the framset page, add this:<BR>dim mainPage<BR>mainPage = session("mainPage")<BR>if mainPage = "" then mainPage = "Defaultpage.asp" &#039;substitute your page name here<BR><BR>3. in the FRAME declaration:<BR>&#060;FRAME SRC="&#060;%=mainPage%&#062;"/&#062;<BR><BR>4. at the top of any page that can occupy the mainFrame, add:<BR>session("mainPage") = "thisPageName.asp" &#039;substitute your page name here<BR><BR>Now the mainPage is a dynamic variable that will always hold the name of the last page to populate that frame. When the framset page is refreshed, it will grab that variable to decide what goes in the mainFrame