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    don&#039;t know if anyone is interested in discusing this but thought it would be nice if they did. i run a very...very small isp and because i do everything it is daunting to try and learn all the technologies necessary to compete. i have to run linux, windows, mySQL, asp, php, aphache, IIS, blah blah. i need to specialize or i will go insane. so anyway, i wanted to start an honest discussion which is better...<BR><BR>asp or php?<BR><BR>(i know i can&#039;t spell ;-P)

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    Honestly they both have their strengths and weaknesses.<BR><BR>I think what you run is highly dependant on what platform you are more comfortable supporting. If you *know* linux - go with PHP. If you *are all about* Windows, then go with ASP.<BR><BR>Other than that, they are both scripting languages. They both allow you to access databases. They both allow you to add onto the language. They... etc., etc., etc...<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default PHP debugging REALLY tough

    Granted, debugging with ASP is no picnic, but debugging with PHP is 10 times tougher!<BR><BR>And databases! Every DB has a completely different set of functions you have to learn. You can&#039;t simply make a change to the connection string and tweak the SQL as you can with ASP.<BR><BR>Having said that... There is no doubt that PHP is a lot faster, especially on small machines.<BR><BR>You have to pay your money and make your choice.<BR><BR>Good luck.<BR><BR>

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